I believe that all equipment should be sterilized to hospital standards as dirty equipment literally puts people's lives in danger.

This is something that I take very seriously this is why all metal instruments, all the toys, bondage rope, basically every objects or surface that comes in contact in your body is sterilized at hospital standards.


I use professional products from NM medical.

Cold sterilization is used using Ampholysine Plus for the presterilization faze, right after all the toys, metal sounds clamps etc. are sterilized for 20 minutes (according to French laws) in Steranios 20%.

Note: I sterilize all the toys even if I always use condoms during my session.

All the surfaces: benches, gynecological table, floor etc. is disinfected with Aniospray 29.

I also wear disposable latex gloves throughout each session and the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between appointments.

Hospital sterile recipients are used for all lubricants, to avoid any contact between one client to another.

For anal games a special lubricant is prepared separately for each client.

All the towels, the bed sheets, bathrobes etc. are washed at 90 degrees.