I am based in Belgium but I travel on invitation worldwide.

I prefer to travel to Geneva, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany.

I am available for:

  • Classic session in my dungeon :
    • 1h session
    • 1h30min session
    • 2h session

  • Classic session plus imprisonment in my dungeon.

  • Sessions long term in my dungeon :
    • 24h
    • 48h
    • 3 days or more.

  • I may consider travelling on invitation but only after we meet in my dungeon at least once.

I must admit that my favorite kinds of sessions are the stages of 24h, 48h, etc. simply because this way I realize that special connection with my slaves, we have the time to discover each other, to play at ease we are not rushed and we simply reach that ecstasy that we are searching for.


Even though I make short term sessions I believe that the relationship and the connection between the slave and his mistress is so subtle and profound that it needs time and space.

I sometimes joke and say it is like wine: the longer the more intense and pleasurable.

Safe words and Safety

I use safe words in all of my sessions, as I feel it is important for the slave to know that if for whatever reason he reached his limits or a certain practice is not conform to his preferences, we can stop.

This is not a reflection on the subs ability to play and not a criticism of the mistress if a safe word is used.

Let's not forget that BDSM play remains a GAME, no matter how fulfilling and satisfying it is, no matter if it is a way of life.

A session is a two way experience and for this reason the scene needs to be right for both parties to enjoy it.

See you soon.